drummer  -  percussionist  -  teacher  -  singer  -  songwriter  -  raconteur

It is more than 60 years since Dougie Wright kick started his professional career in 1958 as drummer with the John Barry Seven. During a stay of almost 4 years with the band his work schedule included variety theatres, radio and television broadcasts, film and recording session work plus an appearance before the Queen on the Royal Variety Performance backing Adam Faith in 1960.

After leaving the seven in 1962 he joined the Ted Taylor/Bob Rogers Four performing Monday to Saturday in the "Jack of Clubs" Soho, London backing cabaret and playing for dancing. He left 1965 and became a freelance London session drummer and was in great demand due to his reading and technical ability. Coupled with recording sessions his first television series in 1965 was playing drums in the orchestra on "Ready Steady Go", a weekly pay cheque that continued for almost 2 years. Throughout the following 20 years Dougie continued his song writing activities and was a teacher of percussion on behalf of various authorities in the Midlands, all the while extending his jazz, rock and latin skills.

He currently presents an entertaining talk show called "My Parade of Hits". and is still an active working musician performing with his strolling Dixieland band “Fidgety Feet”, where he plays a mobile drum kit mounted on a zimmer frame!

Now you can listen to him rapping and playing drums and piano, continuing to push the boundaries that he started to push in the pioneering times of British Pop music.