drummer  -  percussionist  -  teacher  -  singer  -  songwriter  -  raconteur

"My Parade of Hits" is an entertaining talk show. The duration is between 60 and 85 minutes depending on requirements. The focus is on a number of hit records from the 1960's and 70's on which Dougie played drums. The opening music is the Juke Box Jury theme, played by the John Barry Seven. All the singing stars, the studios, songwriters, arrangers, producers and other session musicians are discussed as the making of each record is quirkily explained in detail.
As the sixties hits are completed and before the seventies hits start, there is a short period where everyone can join in the fun by learning how 'easy' it is to play the drums. The entire talk show takes on the appearance of a 60's and 70's quiz with Dougie firing questions about the records to the audience after each track is played.
You could learn a few trade secrets in the process of "My Parade of Hits".
Dougie sings with piano accompaniment bringing the proceedings to a close.